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PAPR Timeline


Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in settings like repair shops. With the PAPR program at an affordable price.

  • 6 Week Classroom training of mechanical safety and tool proficiency.
  • 12 Weeks of Hands-on Training
  • 2 Weeks of internship with partnering agencies.

PAPR Classes


Basic Automotive Safety: Student’s learn basic automotive safety procedures and proper tool use. 

Basic Automotive Technology Course: Students take a general look into the basic auto systems, which include cooling, engine, steering and suspension, transmission, electrical and braking systems. Students study manuals and focus their studies on potential future career opportunities, shop safety, certifications and environmental issues. 

Basic Introduction Automobile Air Filter Replacement: Students learn maintenance schedules for various automobiles and how often the air filter should be changed.

Basic Introduction Oil Change: Students learn about maintenance chores for automobiles in changing the oil.

Basic Introduction Changing Spark Plugs: Students learn how to change spark plugs and its importance being in an automobile.

Basic Introduction Windshield Wipers & Replacement: Students learn how to replace worn out strips of rubber found on old wipers with new ones and the proper tools to use.

Basic Introduction Replacing Headlight Bulbs: Students learn how to properly replace automobile headlight bulbs.

Basic Introduction ABS Sensors: Students learn automated brake systems and how important sensors are to be activated on an automobile.

Basic Introduction to Plugging Tires: Students learn solutions for tire damage on automobiles.

Basic Introduction to Fuel Guage Senders: Students learn how the fuel guage senders work and how to repair.

Basic Introduction to Removing Stripped Screws: Students learn the proper procedure removing stripped screws.

Basic Introduction to Blown Fuses: Students learn the importance of fuses within an automobile and the various types of fuses.

Basic Introduction to Brakes and Rotors: Students learn about the importance of how to replace them.

Basic Introduction Changing Tires/ Plugging Tires & Changing Flats: Student’s learn the basic concepts of changing, plugging flat tires.

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