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About Us

Jermaine Womack created Philadelphia Auto and Parole in 2017.  He experienced first hand the criminal justice system as a juvenile and a adult.  It was his father who helped him realize the error of his ways.  

Jermaine's father owned a mechanic shop for over 50 years. His father later passed down the shop to him.  Which gave him the opportunity to give others a second chance.

Jermaine's strategy is to teach a trade and inspire program participants to be successful in society. His vision is to provide service that will change the lives of those impacted by mass incarceration.

PAPR Mission

The mission of Philadelphia Auto and Parole is to provide formerly incarcerated individuals and youth transitioning back into society an opportunity to earn a living wage in courses of automotive repair.  Participants  will be provided with interactive activities, supervised instruction and learn automotive repair. This helps program participants develop the necessary skills to make a successful transition back into society.